Framework - basics

For efficiency and protection, you need to select the appropriate type of legal entity, file and register, and document what you are doing. This gives the entity the right to act and do business, and keeps your personal assets distinct and separate from your business.

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Your relationships - contracts

Whether it's the fun part or not, contracts require professional preparation and review. With leasing, buying, financing, employee management, vendors, client relationships, you are miles ahead when you have help to set out plainly the terms of your relationships so that no is presuming or assuming what they deserve or what they are owed by your company.

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Growth and change

You are building a business to grow, to last, and to sell or pass on. You need a forward-thinking professional to talk frankly with about options and the mechanics of both expansion and succession, growing the business and adding locations, principals and employees,  and about selling or passing on some or all of your interest.

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Since 1993

Be a Planner, not a fireman

From day one, get yourself a focused teammate who has experience as a business owner and who can talk with you and help you identify, then take care of those basic moves which get you organized and protected. You know the planning is so much more efficient than spending time putting out fires.


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